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Thanks for stopping by. Those of you who are looking for the MSJC programming web site that you used to occupy glennstevenson.com it has a new home. The new address is programming.msjc.edu.

Ph.D. Completed
After many years of hard work and two different schools I have finally finished my Ph.D. in Information Technology. The title of the dissertation is "Software Size Estimation Using Expert Estimation: A Fuzzy Logic Approach".  I will post a link to a pdf of the research soon. Although I cannot imagine anyone wanting to sit down an read it for enjoyment.

My Ramblings
State Budget is Killing Community Colleges
The California financial crisis is killing education. Where I teach it looks like we are going to have to take a pay cut to make up for some of the budget deficit.  The pay cut is really not the worst of it. Right now administration is simply looking at numbers. If a class is not at least 75% full then it is canceled.  I worry that what is going to happen is that Department Chairs are simply going to offer classes that have no prerequisites.  You can offer anything right now and it will fill if there is no required prep. I am not sure what students who need advanced classes are going to do. 

In addition I believe the budget deficit is going to stall all new program development. You see when you create a new program it takes a little while to build up the enrollment enough to offer the more advanced classes. If they are not full then they will be canceled so why bother going through all of the trouble creating a program to simply have the classes cut.

Temporary Sales Tax Increase
On the ballot this year is going to be a measure to temporarily increase sales tax. This money is supposed to help bail out education. I am like most people and simply do not want to see another tax increase temporary or not. I have seen things that are supposed to be temporary become permanent. That being said, if you are in school or have children in school then this is something you may want to really think about. If this measure does not pass I have heard there are going to be big cuts in the amount of classes Community Colleges are allowed to offer. As for K-12 I am already seeing school bus services being suspended. What next double the price of  school lunches?

Is Education For the Privileged?
While education in California is still a bargain compared to most states I am afraid we are heading towards a society where only the privileged will be able to afford an education. We have to be careful here because the job market in the US is such that you are going to need good technical skills to get a high paying job. When I was a young man there was so much manufacturing that you could lose a job one day and have another the next. We are at a time when it is really important to have an education but fewer young people are going to school. Of course the question is if they decide to go get an education what are the chances they will be able to get the classes they need or be able to pay for them if the do get them?

These are my thoughts for now please don't read any politics into it.

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